Write Things Down!

Back in the 1980’s when ‘Grandparents Day’ was just catching on in the US, I was browsing in a cute little gift shop when I came across these precious little memory books for grandmas and grandpas. Filled with questions kids could ask their grandparents, and blank lines where grandparents could…


Chillin’ or Being Lazy?

In reading mom’s diaries from when I was a teenager, what strikes me the most is how busy we always were, especially my parents. They never stopped. WE never stopped. Going to school, yard work, church activities: youth group, evangelism, voters meeting, VBS, Special dinners, cleaning the church, remodeling our…



My nickname in Junior High was ‘Thumbs’. I was famous for my thumbs. My big, fat, stubby, dumb-looking thumbs. In fact, ‘What plumps when you cook it? Julie’s thumbs’, was actually printed in my 8th-grade yearbook. I’m serious. It was. You see I was ‘blessed’ with my Father’s thumb –…


A Weekend in the Ozone!

I take my ‘day of rest’, very seriously. In fact, sometimes I even take Saturday and add it to Sunday’s rest. (wink) This past weekend was one of those. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday in ‘Julie’s little art world’. I had two projects that I was working on.…


Cold, Winter Days and Mittens!

How many mittens does your family go through in one winter? Growing up in Michigan with long winters and lots of snow, we went through a lot! In fact, every November, mom would pull down this barrel from the attic that was full of hats, mittens, and scarves. Many of…


In memory of my Brother

I recently lost my big brother Jim. We were alike in a lot of ways. He was 6 years older than I and quickly became my hero and my cheerleader. We loved to talk about our visions, dreams and current goals, understanding and supporting each other without judgment or negativity.…


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