Reading the Bible from Beginning to End

'My Treasures' A painting my mother did in 1998

‘My Treasures’
A painting my mother did in 1998

Back in 2005 when visiting my mom and dad in Tennessee, mom and I had a conversation about the Bible.

She mentioned that she had read the Bible 13 times! 13 TIMES!!!

Completely impressed, I must have looked skeptical because she quickly pulled out her Bible and flipped open the cover. There in her handwriting – different looking with each entry, were the dates she completed reading the whole Bible. Yep, there were 13 entries. I counted them. I was in awe.

I had never read the Bible from beginning to end. I read the Bible by choosing copy here and there, mostly from the New Testament. I never thought about reading it from beginning to end.

I felt challenged.

As soon as I returned home I made a commitment to read the Bible at least once. From Genesis 1 thru Revelations 22. If mom could do it 13 times I could certainly do it at least once!

It took me 3 years.

Every morning for my bible study I read at least 4 full pages in consecutive order starting at the beginning. Marking where I left off each time so I didn’t miss a word. Sometimes I would read more than 4 pages, but I never read less. Never missing more than a few days, struggling now and then with all of the ‘begets’. On September 25, 2008, I finally finished and proudly wrote it on the first page of my Bible.

It changed my life.

I now knew the whole story and understood our need for a Saviour.

Knowing and understanding the whole truth inspired me to no end and this inspiration has stayed with me to this day. When in conversations regarding religion, God, or the Bible, I find myself proclaiming that everyone needs to read the Bible from beginning to end – whether they believe in God or not. If they truly want to understand Christianity then they need to know the whole story. The whole truth.

You will learn. You will be inspired. So much more than you thought.

So start today. Create your own schedule and be determined to finish. I promise you, it will change your life.

 Your friend in Christ,


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