Write Things Down!

memories-smallBack in the 1980’s when ‘Grandparents Day’ was just catching on in the US, I was browsing in a cute little gift shop when I came across these precious little memory books for grandmas and grandpas. Filled with questions kids could ask their grandparents, and blank lines where grandparents could answer, I immediately purchased one for mom and dad as a gift from my kids for Grandparents Day. My kids were very young then and we were living right next door to them, so to say my kids were very close to their grandparents at this time is an understatement.I thought, how wonderful would it be if my parents actually filled these out. A month or so later they surprised us by bringing the books back to the kids completely filled out with detailed drawings included! Treasures to behold for sure!

I thought, how cool would that be if my parents actually filled these out. They would be treasures to behold for sure! A month or so later they surprised us by bringing the books back to my kids completely filled out with detailed drawings included! You could immediately tell they had had fun with them.

With the kids tucked in bed later that evening, I pulled these little gems out and read through them for the first time of many.


      I learned from their writings and was encouraged by what I found.

I learned that my parents came from different financial backgrounds which could be described in two words; The Depression. My father’s family of 3 boys was not touched by the Depression, so his memories were fun, playful and well provided for. My mother’s family, on the other hand, was greatly affected by the Depression. Although she also had fun as a child, her memories were filled with practicality and education which was how she earned everything she acquired.

This revelation explained a lot about my parents and their differences and why they made such a great team.

As a parent, Dad was always fun-loving, mischievous, and carefree. ‘Play’ was Dad’s middle name. Mom was the practical parent; counting every penny, creating what others bought, and wastefulness was not an option. As a large family with many kids, we were able to grow up with lots of fun as well as our basic needs being met. Both vital to a happy home.

I was encouraged to find out what traits I inherited from each parent, and I was able to see how some of these qualities could be used to benefit my own family. When mom listed her favorite things, it was as if I had written them myself. When dad talked about his room, his books and reading, I could totally relate. Just two of many characteristics I inherited from 2 wonderful people. By having both of these people as my parents I learned that there is a time to have fun and a time to be practical. I can’t imagine my life without one or the other.

How special these books are now that Dad is gone, and Mom is far away in assisted living; her choice, not ours’.

In Roman’s 15:4, God tells us to write things down for the instruction of generations to follow. God himself did this with the Bible.

For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. Romans 15:4

Where would we be without the writings of past generations?

Write it down!

The Bible is what God wrote down. What could you write down for future generations?

 Your friend in Christ,


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