Anxiety attacks? Really?


Mom and Skip, my husband

I’ve been experiencing anxiety attacks which is new to me. It took me a few attacks to figure out what they were. Then it took a few more to narrow down what triggered them. This morning I finally figured out why visiting my 91 year old mother in assisted living is creating anxiety in me.

I had a discussion with God this morning and this is what came to light; In visiting mom I am faced with the reality of my own future, and I don’t like it.

Death and Dementia occupy my mind a lot these days and it’s not pretty.

No wonder I’m having anxiety attacks. But, now that I understood the problem I can now start solving it. You solve problems by looking at them differently. I need to renew my mind. I need to change my way of thinking and look at my visits from a different perspective. See the good from these visits, which are plenty, and attack the fears which are also plenty.

In other words, Count My Blessings and have more discussions with God. I can do this.

 Your friend in Christ,


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